Saturday, July 31, 2010

Should We Do Shamanic Work on the Gulf Oil Spill? Or Not?

We often want to jump in and do healing automatically. But that is not always a good idea. 

And it is not the shamanic way. Shamans do healing work at the behest of the spirits, not because a situation makes them feel uncomfortable and they want to fix it.

Just as there are individual humans who are in a crisis because the spirits are trying to get them to change something in their lives, there can be crises intended to shake us up collectively. 

Just as there are individuals who are already going through a healing crisis, in the process of releasing toxic thoughts, patterns and substances stored in their bodies, and interfering can set them back, so it is with all of humanity.

There are local, global and regional events and situations that exist to call the attention of humanity to the need to change our ways---and our thinking and beliefs.

We may need to change our laws and even our governments to remedy the deep causes of such situations. Superficial healing can just delay the inevitable or require more extreme measures by spirit to get the attention of enough humans to change things.

Jumping in on impulse to "fix things" may even make the underlying situation worse.

How do we know when to help and when not to? We ask for spiritual guidance.

We do not do healing on people who have not asked us to, so that we do not interfere with their free will. In an emergency you can send healing to the higher self of an unconscious person or a child, but send only "whatever is for their highest good."

The same is true for situations such as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. There are so many ramifications from that spill, and the seriousness of it indicates how large the effects may be on the future of our planet. 

We should not just jump in and assume that we know best what needs to be done. We should ask the spirits.

I have written a column on whether or not to do shamanic healing on the oil spill situation on Houston Shamanism Examiner. I hope you will go there and read it and then leave comments with your experiences and ideas on the situation.

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